Monday, May 4, 2015

ARTIST STATEMENT I am interested in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco and its socioeconomic realities. The Tenderloin is a residential neighborhood offering images of stark reality and social differences. 28,000 people live in 40 square blocks in predominately single room occupancies and small hotels. This area is known for its drugs, guns, crimes, homelessness, and violence. I have been volunteering in this neighborhood for five years and discovered a community here. I see beyond the negative images and have gotten to know a lot of the residents. I have experienced many of the more positive moments that exist, but go unnoticed by the majority. I have an emotional connection with some of the folks that I photograph. In the Tenderloin, there are beautiful moments of everyday life. I hope the images resonate with others and that the general public can empathize with the people in this community. A lot of the people I meet enjoy having their portrait taken and are moved when I present them with a print. It struck me how fond they are of their dogs. I realized that for some, their beloved pets are all that they have.

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