Saturday, December 27, 2014

The days and the hours video. Spotlight on Robbie Welsh Robbie Welsh has been a regular volunteer at The Gubbio Project for about 8 months. He happened upon the project last February, drawn to the stained glass windows. The experience was powerful and he signed up to volunteer that week. Robbie is a fine art photographer and his flexible schedule has allowed him to be a regular volunteer. To see Robbie's work, check out his website! On volunteering at Gubbio Robbie says, "I find it rewarding to work with staff and volunteers who share a common thread with regard to their commitment to the well-being of those in need. I noticed that over the last several months, I have gained the trust and developed a rapport with many of the folks who come to the project. I hope that by being non-judgmental, understanding, and offering a few kind words allowed this to happen." "I share my experiences working at The Gubbio Project with friends and family, and the stories I tell have helped to break down stereotypes of the homeless and encouraged greater compassion and empathy when we see people on the street who are in need. I draw inspiration on a daily basis from the people who come to St. Boniface that are grateful, as many of them find ways to cope and are able to offer a smile, considering their circumstances." Thank you, Robbie! We appreciate your work with our guests and in bringing greater awareness to the broader community!